A parish council could help residents purchase a set of new homes being proposed for a village.

GFK Homes is asking Braintree Council for planning permission to completely transform an area of land to the west of Water Lane in Stisted known as Chicken Meadow.

The plans include building 11 new houses, the creation of a new village car park, community shelter, and a memorial on the site.

Of the 11 homes which would be built, four, two-bedroom cottages would be delegated as affordable housing.

Once the four dwellings have been built, GFK Homes says it will transfer 20 per cent of each cottage’s value to Stisted Parish Council.

Councillors would then undertake a “vetting process” where they look to offer the four new homes to existing residents first, before then considering applications from other interested parties.

Buyers would have to pay 80 per cent of a cottage's value to secure the property, with the parish council waving off the remaining 20 per cent.

However, when the owner of the cottage wanted to sell, they would have to return 20 per cent of the sale to the council so the scheme could be recycled and used again.

GKF Homes’ planning statement adds: “Whilst this method of affordable housing is perhaps unorthodox, it will make these homes significantly more affordable and uniquely accessible to local people of all ages, thereby meeting similar objectives of conventional affordable housing."

The other seven homes being proposed for the site would consist of six bungalows and a five bedroom family home, which would all be marketed privately by the developer.

It is unclear in the plans how the community shelter would be laid out and what the purpose of the memorial.

The new car park would see 11 new spaces created, with two offering charging spaces for electric cars.

Stisted Parish Council says it will discuss the proposals during a monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 6. The authority says it has not agreed to any of the proposals put forward. 

Parish Clerk Christine Marshall added: "Discussions haven't really taken place yet. The developer has spoken to us to get our views but nothing much more has happened yet.

"We informed them we would consider it but have asked them to hold a public meeting as it could well be a contentious issue among the electorate as it's likely they won't want the site built on."

All members of the public are invited to attend the monthly meeting where the plans will be discussed.

The meeting will be held at the Montefiore Institute in The Street and gets underway from 7.30pm.