Witham Public Hall, October 22-27

To most people Cinderella is a pantomime and Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote things like Carousel, Oklahoma or the Sound of Music.

But their version of Cinderella was actually one of their most successful musicals; written originally for television, it broke US viewing records in 1957.

It is little known over here, but it intrigued enough people to bring in the crowds to Witham Public Hall. It is a play where women get all the best roles and they all shine.

Constance Lawton, Rhianna Howard and Hatty Gribben provide the humour as the stepmother and her daughters while Emma Loring sparkles - and sings beautifully - as the fairy godmother.

Dannii Carr is suitably regal but vulnerable as the prince while Tom Whelan and Tracey Hackett bring some gravitas as the king and queen.

But the show is Cinderella’s and in Aimee Hart, Witham Amateur Operatic Society have a real find. She displays charm, confidence and poise, with a strong singing voice, in her first role for the society and captures hearts whenever she is on stage, which is most of the time.

The magical costume change is jaw-dropping and the wildly colourful dancing troupe are expertly handled by director and choreographer Claire Carr.

By Ron Fosker