A HAIR salon in Witham is introducing quiet sessions for people with autism and learning disabilities.

Yaxley Hair and Beauty, in Newland Shopping Centre, will offer the service for pre-booked appointments between 4pm and 5pm on the first Thursday of every month.

The salon will be calm and quiet with no music or hairdryers and customers will get a certificate at the end.

Graduate stylist Sophie Mcculloch said: “We did find we had a lot of parents in and a lot of children with learning disabilities who didn’t like to be around noise.

“The don’t like the hairdryer and we have found that having these quiet appointments is the perfect opportunity.

“There is no one around and the appointments are just for them.”

Appointments are £10 each and will be longer then usual.

For information visit yaxleyhairandbeauty.com or call 01376 503997.