Witham has been named one of the most affordable commuter towns within an hour of London.

A survey by Lloyds Bank found the fastest journey by train was just 48 minutes to central London, with an average house price of £271,541.

Commuters in the ten most affordable towns are earning on average £12,609 more than they would at home, with residents in Witham earning an average of £37,161.

Andrew Mason, mortgages director at Lloyds Bank, said: "Buying a home in central London is out of reach for many where house prices are around 16 times the average UK wage.

"In almost all towns in this survey, housing affordability is significantly greater with a London salary compared to what can be earned locally.

"For commuters with up to an hour's journey, the reward is an annual salary that is, on average, £8,600 higher than what they could earn in their local neighbourhood which is around £40,000.”