TWO outdoor gyms have re-opened after undergoing a £50,000 makeover.

Old equipment at facilities in Spa Road in Witham and Meadowside in Braintree has been replaced with modern and durable pieces.

The 22 weatherproof exercise stations are found in most indoor gyms and include a cross trainer skier, a leg press and a sit-up bench.

Peter Tattersley, councillor for health and communities, said: "As part of our commitment to ensure people in the district can live well, we have replaced the old equipment at the outdoor gyms at Spa Road in Witham and Meadowside in Braintree with more modern and durable pieces.

"The work was made possible thanks to £50,000 of capital money which enabled the purchase and installation of 10 new pieces of gym equipment at Meadowside and 12 at Spa Road.

"Outdoor gyms remove the barriers many people face when trying to access gyms – they’re free, open 24 hours a day and parents can even bring their children along to join in too."

On-site instructions explain how each piece of equipment works.