Regarding article “Green light for flats” (Times, September 20).

How short sighted of local traders objecting to the redevelopment of the old Braintree and Witham Times building in the High Street.

As stated in the article the building has sat empty since 2016 together with several other empty businesses creates a desolate feel to the town.

The argument for not wanting the upper part of this building to be turned into living accommodation seems to be the “lack of parking”?

Why do they feel that with every home there has to be parking provided?

There are many people who do not drive and may like the opportunity of living within a town centre close to shops, public transport, mainline railway and other facilities.

Like you find on the continent, town centres should be places that people meet and use all day and night, not that close down and turn into ghost towns as Braintree does after 6pm.

You never know local traders, these extra residents moving into the town centre may also want to spend their hard earned cash in your shops and businesses.

I can see it as only being an overall benefit to the town rather than yet another empty building sitting there.

I am also sure that being a listed building, any alterations will by sympathetically addressed and Braintree Council will ensure that guidelines on demolition and noise are adhered to.

Good luck Stallan. Let us hope it is not too long before we have seven new apartments occupied in the town and hopefully a new business venture too.

By Ms North, from Braintree.