A charity which champions diversity has celebrated its tenth anniversary.

The Real and Enthusiastic Voice of Integration (REVI) was joined by volunteers and supporters at Braintree Town Hall for a celebration.

Braintree Council chairman Vanessa Santomauro joined the celebrations on September 19 to promote community welfare.

Chairman Renia Daynes said: “It is a testament to the community that a charitable organisation focused on promoting the real and enthusiastic voice of integration, which REVI stands for, celebrates its tenth birthday this year.

“In 2007, a new migrant workers project started that covered Braintree district, Uttlesford district and east Hertfordshire.

“The project employed three community development workers who were given the task to identify the needs of the largest migrant community and make it self-sustainable.

“The group decided to choose a name and after several long discussions, REVI was chosen.

“REVI comes from Esperanto and means a dream.”

In 2008, the group signed its constitution and since then REVI has participated in many events all over Essex.

Today REVI has four projects: a Polish children’s club, a Polish youth club, a Polish toddlers club and a multicultural forum.

For more information visit revirevi.org.