A businesswoman whose life was saved when an optician discovered a brain tumour during an eye check is urging others to take part in National Eye Health Week.

In summer 2016, Claire Dance, 38, was experiencing migraines and a loss of vision.

Initially she put the problem down to the stress of running a business and caring for her children, one of whom has Asperger’s.

She put off booking an opticians appointment for several weeks until finally visiting Braintree's Specsavers where, upon hearing her symptoms, optometrist Meera Shah suggested an immediate eye test that day.

Mrs Dance said: "It’s a good job that I was seen there and then as I think I probably would have cancelled the appointment and I might not be here today."

During the eye test Ms Shah notice the grade two tumour behind Mrs Dance's eyes.

She was immediately referred to A&E at Broomfield Hospital and later transferred for surgery at Queens Hospital in Romford.

The operation removed 98 per cent of the tumour, and although left with a scar, Mrs Dance has recovered well.

Mrs Dance said: "I never really had eye checks regularly and my eye sight was perfect. I always thought if your eye sight if fine then that’s okay.

"The experience has totally changed my perspective and it shows how important it is to get regular check-ups."

National Eye Health starts on Monday and runs to next Sunday.

Miraj Patel, optometrist director at Specsavers in Braintree, said: "With our advanced optical technology we are also able to check the health of the eye, detect issues such as blood-pressure, glaucoma and diabetes, and sometimes recognise issues behind the eye and on the optical nerve - as we did in Claire’s case.

"We are so happy we were able to help Claire and refer her, so that she got the help she needed, and we wish her a full recovery."