The family behind one of the world's most iconic brands originally hail from Braintree, and visited the town from the US to see the sights.

Last week five members of the Kellogg family visited the town where they attended a civic reception at Braintree Town Hall and met representatives of the council.

The trip was facilitated by St Michael's Church parishioner Rod Davey, who is keen to promote Braintree's history for American tourists particularly.

He said: "I took them to see various sites across the district and further afield in Essex.

"Braintree has a lot to give to people from the US. Five American presidents come from this area.

"Hundreds of ships crossed over to the US in the 1600s.

"This history is something we really should be promoting as it could boost the town in many ways."

The origins of the Kelloggs in the district can be traced back to 1583 and Philip Kellogg, who lived in Bocking.

His grandson Martin, a weaver who lived on Godlings Farm in what is now Notley Road, had three sons - Joseph, Daniel and Samuel - all of whom emigrated later to New England in the USA.

Many generations of the three Kellogg brothers followed before Dr John Kellogg and his younger brother WK Kellogg stumbled upon their famous recipe in 1898.

Perry Kellogg, who lives in Colorado, said: "This is the first time we've been to the UK.

"We have been touring churches and learning about the five presidents which hail from this part of the world.

"My wife Donna has been doing a lot genealogy research recently.

"She has put together quite a picture up to Martin and we are hoping to see if we can go back even further then that.

"It gets harder as you go back further and we are here to find out anything we could."

The ancestors of the Kellogg family are honoured with a blue plaque, which was unveiled by the then Braintree and Bocking Civic Society outside 52 Notley Road in 2016.

Peter Tattersley, councillor responsible for health and communities, said: "Things like this are part of the history of Braintree and it is nice to be able to show the family how it has developed.

"It shows how important Braintree has been in the past and I get the impression they've really enjoyed the trip.

"There is so much history around Braintree and this part of Essex."

Braintree and Witham Times:

Godlings Farm, situated in what is now Notley Road. Picture courtesy of Mike Bardell.