A proposed multi-storey car park set to be built at a station has been labelled a "monstrosity" by residents.

Residents are locked in a row with Greater Anglia over the planned redevelopment of Witham Station, including a bid to build a new two-storey car park, which will be located just 1.5m from a block of flats.

More than 60 people attended a public meeting with the operator, where for the first time it was revealed the scale of the proposed car park.

Now residents are revolting against the proposals, claiming they are unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

Sam Mott, a resident of Avenue Road, said: "At the meeting Greater Anglia showed us what the car park would look like and it is an absolute monstrosity.

"It is only 1.5 metres from some of the flats in Station Mews.

"Some houses have their gardens facing towards it, they will be looking out onto this monstrosity.

"It is too big and we do not believe it is needed, there are lots of empty spaces at the station."

Fiona Ward, representing residents of Station Mews, said: "All of the residents blue sky near their homes will be blocked by the car park.

"Greater Anglia are not trying to find a solution which suits residents. There are no benefits of this to people in Witham."

Dozens of those who live nearby have already objected to the plans online, stating Witham's roads are not built to deal with the increase in traffic which will come from the added 450 spaces in the car park.

There are also worries over safety and campaigners say Greater Anglia is not listening to their concerns.

Mrs Mott said: "Avenue Road is already busy and our infrastructure already can't cope, what will happen with all that extra traffic?

"If it has to happen it needs to be on a smaller scale.

"To just put in this monstrous concrete and metal building will be a nightmare.

"We feel there should be more of a consultation with the plans."

Residents have called in Priti Patel to press their case to Greater Anglia.

Ms Patel said: "I have been in close contact with local residents and Greater Anglia over the concerns raised about aspects of the Station redevelopment and car park in particular.

"We do need additional parking capacity for commuters especially with population and housing growth.

"But it is important that the views of local residents affected are fully considered and I pressing all interested parties to find a resolution."

County Councillor James Abbott (Green, Witham North) has also called for the operator to withdraw the plans and go back to the drawing board.

Paul Oxley, Greater Anglia’s public affairs manager, said: “We have submitted a planning application to make improvements to Witham station, so that it better meets customers' expectations.

"Plans include a new entrance, additional car parking and more ticket machines.

“We consulted with residents and MP Priti Patel on July 19.

"We plan to hold another consultation meeting on 15 August at Spring Lodge Centre in Witham from 7.30pm, and everyone is welcome to attend.

"We welcome any feedback on our plans."

Braintree Council will have the final say on the proposals.