FOOTBALL fans have been reminded to be sensible after an England shirt was draped across the top of a fountain.

The red shirt appeared on the fountain in High Street, Braintree, after England booked their spot in the World Cup semi-finals with a 2-0 win over Sweden on Saturday.

The patriotic act has been supported by many people on social media but Robert Thompson, from the Braintree and Bocking Recreation Grounds Trust, which maintains the structure, said whoever climbed on top of the fountain should have thought twice.

Mr Thompson said: “It’s a structure which is always liable to damage and if it is damaged the cost of repair could be huge.

“It’s not just that though, the water in the fountain is not very deep and if you fall from up there you could do yourself, and the fountain, some serious damage.

“We were all young once but whoever has done this just needs to have a little bit more respect I think - my plea to people is to please just don’t do it.

“What we really need down that end of town is some CCTV to catch people doing things like this - not just for the fountain but for the benefit of the traders too."

There was trouble earlier in the tournament with England’s dramatic group stage win over Tunisia sparking wild celebrations in Braintree.

Fans who had been watching the match in Wetherspoons rushed out onto Fairfield Road following England’s late winner to celebrate.

But things got out of hand and one man decided to clamber on top of a passing car only to fall through the rear windscreen and then off the car.

It led to Essex Police putting a dispersal order in place for the town centre for the following group game against Panama.

Police have been contacted with regards to whether a dispersal order will be in place for tomorrow evening.