Five officers helped rescue a man from a bridge over the A120 during a mental health crisis.

Special constables Harry Lymer, Jess Croney and Josh Taplin and police community support officers David Endersby and John Thorne responded to a concern for welfare call at around 6.45pm on June 28.

They arrived to the scene and found the man on the wrong side of railings.

After dealing with the man sensitively and calmly, they were able to bring him to safety before he was taken to hospital to receive treatment.

Special Inspector Simon Culling said: “We closed the road after having concerns for the safety of the man and motorists below.

“SCs Lymer, Croney and Taplin walked up one side of the bridge and PCSOs Endersby and Thorne walked up the other side.

"They managed to build up trust with the man before bringing him to safety.

“I would like to praise the officers involved for their quick-thinking and professionalism during this incident. I also wish the man a speedy recovery."