PUPILS were visited by catering, law and medical professionals as part of their research into possible career paths.

Maltings Academy, in Witham, welcomed workers from all sorts of professions in the latest event for its year eight students.

Richard Daby, careers leader at the school, said: "Today’s event is enabling students to speak with the visiting professionals to get as much information as they can.

"There will be some roles represented here that they may never have heard of before.

"At this age, they generally do not know what they want to do as a career, so we want to expose them to as many careers as possible, so they start to get an idea, rather than wait until they are about to pick their subject options."

Each year, students learn more about careers, starting with career of the month in Year 7 to mock interviews in Year 10.

Mr Daby said: “We want to expose young people to as much information as possible from day one and grow that throughout the years.

“We see students start to talk about careers and know they are thinking about what they want to do.”