A funeral directors which was badly damaged when the flat above it flooded has officially reopened.

Paul J King, which has had a Braintree base in Manor Street since 2006, was forced to close in October because of the severe damage the premises suffered.

A full refurbishment had to be carried out, and the funeral home has been closed for six months.

Mr King said: "We were devastated at the time. When I first visited the office following the flood I was shocked at how much damage a flood could do.

"I had no alternative but to close the office completely.

"I did not want to let down the families we have looked after over the years we have been in Braintree, but the damage was so great we simply could not work round it."

Whilst refurbishment works took place, clients from the district had to liaise with the business' office in Chelmsford, however Mr King is delighted they're now able to provide a more hands-on service from Braintree again.

He said: "Now that the refurbishment is complete and the final touches are being done, I am very pleased with the results.

"The standard of the office is exactly what I envisaged.

"We are now open again and will be having an official chapel rededication and opening in the near future.

"I am sure that our families and the residents of Braintree will find the premises to be welcoming, relaxing and comfortable.”