A village police station has been placed up for sale and is being marketed for potential development.

Bocking Police Station, in Church Lane, is being sold by Kemsley LLP on behalf of Essex Police at an unknown price.

The station, which closed completely within the last year, has held several different roles for the service, including a police house, communications centre and a roads policing base.

Ward councillor Tony Everard (Labour, Bocking North) said: "It used to be a police house, so somebody lived there as well as it being a police station.

"When the house closed it was changed over to a communications base and then for a while it was used as a base for the roads units.

"It was changed back over to communications and then it was eventually closed completely."

The 2,529sq ft site, about the size of a tennis court, includes the main building, which is split into several different rooms, and a large car park to the rear.

The premises are being marketed to prospective buyers for potential development.

Mr Everard said: "Years ago there used to be seven police houses in the area.

"When the houses were open you had that local contact for residents. That has been lost a bit."

To find out more about the property, visit https://bit.ly/2IAcpJk.