Plans to build six independent homes for people with learning disabilities have been approved.

The homes will be built on the grounds of Massenet care home in Wickham Bishops Road, Hatfield Peverel.

For the units to be built, an existing barn will be demolished and spaces for 19 car parking spaces would be provided.

Speaking at a planning meeting on May 8, planning agent Robert Pomery said: “Essex County Council has examined the scheme and confirmed there is indeed a need for this type of accommodation across the whole of Essex.

“The type of accommodation proposed is key to the government’s objective of providing independent homes for people with learning disabilities.

“This change in care provision is a response to changing in the way government pay housing benefit, payment is now made to the individual rather than the provider.

“This allows an individual and their family a real choice in where they might choose to live.

“They will, like everyone else, choose how to decorate it.”

Plans were unanimously approved by councillors, but received five objection comments from neighbours.

All objections said there was already a noise problem from residents.

Neighbour Reuben Price said: “As an immediate neighbour I strongly object to this proposal.

“My property is immediately adjacent and we are constantly subjected to ongoing noise pollution originating from this property.

“I have tried to consult with the management of the property with no avail and we are now on the verge of engaging legal experts due to the extent of the noise emitted by the residents of the property.

“We are subjected to shouting, windows being banged on, screaming and all manner of other inexplicable noises anytime of the day ranging from 6am to 1pm seven days a week.”