An unpopular development of up to 42 homes has been approved for Coggeshall.

Plans for the Dutch Nursery, in West Street, Coggeshall, have been met with despair by residents, despite the site’s allocation in the emerging local plan.

The 3.28ha development, equivalent to just over five football pitches, includes plans for social housing and would require a £15,870 developer contribution for the NHS.

Plans for the demolition of buildings on the site and six residential units up to a maximum of 42 were approved by councillors at a planning meeting on May 8.

Speaking during the meeting, Coggeshall ward councillor Lynette Bowers-Flint, who abstained from voting, said: “The NHS England pittance they have asked for when there is only one surgery in Coggeshall to serve the whole people of Coggeshall and the surrounding areas.

“Unfortunately we have no say in that, it is what NHS England ask for so what they will do with £18,000 to be honest with you God only knows, but it won’t go very far in the NHS these days.

“I just want people to be clear it’s very unpopular with local residents and I think this has to be dealt with sensitively.”

A letter from Kerry Harding, head of estates at NHS England, explained the development is likely to impact on the services of the only GP practice in Coggeshall.

A total of 35 objection comments were received from those concerned about nearby listed buildings.

But a representative from the agent, Teal Planning Ltd, explained there had been extensive reviews.

She said: “The site is identified for comprehensive redevelopment in the submitted local plan. It is largely vacant and deteriorating.”

“The application has been guided by this background and by extensive design reviews.”