ANGRY residents say fly-tipping is becoming more common in their area after yet another incident of dumping on a residential road.

The latest incident saw black bags, window frames and even a piano keyboard left in a heap overnight in Faulkbourne Road, Witham.

Saffron Flanders, who lives nearby, said she was asleep when the rubbish was dumped.

She said: “Me and my husband both woke up to this noise that sounded like a house was being knocked down but we knew straight away that it was fly-tipping.

“I think the people who've done it are scumbags, what makes them think it’s acceptable to do that?”

Some residents who live nearby say they have noticed a rise in the issue since vans, pick-ups and commercial vehicles were banned from using the tip in Perry Lane, Witham.

Mrs Flanders said: “We’ve been living in this house for about five years and it seems to have been getting worse in the past few years.

“Along Faulkbourne and Terling Road especially, but I seem to see more big rubbish being dumped at the side of the road all over the place.”

Essex County Council said it works with several bodies to try and take action against fly-tippers.

But a spokesman said: “We disagree that there is direct link between the increase in fly-tipping and the restrictions introduced at recycling centres.

“The rise in fly tipping has been an issue over many years, and pre-dates the changes implemented at the recycling centres.

“In fact the trend is almost identical to other parts of the country where rogue traders fly-tip waste to avoid the cost of legal waste disposal.

“We believe reintroducing the old centre rules is not the answer and we need a more coordinated approach.”

Braintree District Council said it has found evidence within the Faulkbourne Road waste which may show where it originated from and it is now being investigated.