There’s a very good chance you haven’t heard of padel, and if you haven’t, now is the time to start swatting up.

That’s because some of the world’s best, at what has been described as the UK’s fastest growing sport, are heading to town.

Prested Hall, in Feering, will host more than 60 players from across Europe next weekend as part of the RT Padel Tour.

The venue boasts four padel courts for people to play the sport which takes it’s inspiration from tennis.

Competitors use a tennis ball to play and the scoring system is the same but the most noticeable differences is the three metre high walls on the perimeter of the courts.

Usually made out of glass, the walls can be used to play the ball off but the ball can only hit the ground and wall once before being returned to the opposing team on the other side of the net.

Other differences include underarm serves, stringless rackets and the sport is played in doubles.

Richard Hall-Smith, Prested’s padel professional started playing more than three years ago on the Costa Del Sol, Spain, and he regularly competes in the UK and Spain.

His mission is to see more people try the game.

He said: “April is a great month for Padel at Prested and we have two days of the RT Padel Tour and are expecting some top class matches.

“In addition to the tour, the British Coaches Association have chosen Prested as their base for training so we are excited to welcome them for the first time this month.

“Basically it’s a fantastic sport which requires and develops physical and mental agility.

“It’s also a great sport for socialising and the court is much smaller so it’s easier to chat between points.”

Anyone wishing to try padel should contact Richard at Prested Padel on 01376 570220.

The event will start on April.

To find out more information you can visit