I feel that I should write in support of Richard Downes’ letter (Parking tickets should not be issued on bank holidays) from the Times’ April 5 edition.

As a resident of The Grove in Witham the purpose of parking permits on our estate was to prevent the parking of office workers and commuters during the working week.

There had been many occasions when vehicles had been closely parked on either side of our estate’s roads and encroaching pathways, which would have prevented emergency vehicles getting through and parents with prams having to negotiate round parked vehicles.

On this point only, I agree why we asked for restrictions.

However on Good Friday, our estate was clear of any obstructions with very few cars parked.

We had three members of our family visit and we assumed that restrictions would not apply on bank holidays.

As a result, three parking tickets were issued which I believe, like Richard, to be a cunning money-making practice.

The annoying part was when we phoned up to pay the fines the payment office was closed on bank holidays.

Common sense most certainly appears to be lacking.

By Chris Wilding of Grove Estate, Witham.