A heroic police officer who was left wheelchair bound after the Westminster terror attack has had his home transformed thanks to a primetime BBC TV programme.

Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team helped renovate the home of Pc Kris Aves, 35, who is originally from Braintree, a Metropolitan Police officer there on the day when five people were killed.

After being hit by a speeding car during the terrorist attack in March, Pc Aves was left with two broken legs, head injuries, a lacerated elbow, a damaged left shoulder and injured sternum.

Serious spinal cord injuries have left him wheelchair bound, meaning his East Barnet home had become inaccessible.

Bret Dawson, a communications officer with Essex Police, volunteered as a decorator on the programme, along with hundred of other kind-hearted volunteers.

His main duties were painting the outside of the house and preparing the masses of painting for the inside of the property.

Mr Dawson, of Chelmsford, said: “I like helping people, and Pc Aves’ case was particularly close to my heart given my day job.

"It was an exhausting week for me, as I was still working shifts alongside decorating.

"I even moved house in the last two days of filming. But to be able to give back to someone like Pc Aves is an honour, and it’s an experience I’ll remember forever.”

Mr Knowles and crew conducted a wide-ranging revamp of the house, including importantly the installation of a lift, widening of doorways, addition of a downstairs toilet and landscaping of the garden.

This will allow Pc Aves to access the upstairs of the property, where he lives with wife Marissa and their two children.

The episode of DIY SOS aired on BBC One on Wednesday evening.

Catch up on Pc Aves' story via iPlayer at www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer.