Community pavilions, a BMX track and tennis courts all remain within Braintree Council’s sights in a bid to improve public spaces across the district.

Cabinet members are set to discuss an Open Spaces Action Plan for 2018, a list of various proposals which could take place - provided enough cash is available from developers.

Among the major projects is a building with a BMX track inside including space for bike repair, a kitchen, conference room and a second storey to view the track. This could be built at the Sporting 77 field in Deanery Hill, Bocking.

A new pavilion could be built at Bocking Sports Club, where changing room facilities, five tennis pitches, boxing and jujitsu clubs could be added.

Witham Town Park, in Maldon Road, could see a new cafe built, along with a bandstand and undercover shelter for when the weather gets a bit tougher.

The town’s famous River Walk could also see improvements, with the council wanting to increase the ease of access for walkers and to link it to Whetmead nature reserve, where an outdoor education space could be created.

A spokesman for Braintree Council said: “Having an Open Spaces Action Plan helps us to collect money from developers.”

The plan includes schemes for council owned spaces, as well as those identified by parish and town councils.

Many of the projects remain on the list from 2017.

The report states: “Because the proposals are reliant on the availability of financial contributions, from grants and public sector resources in addition to Section 106 money, the timing of works will be dictated by the date at which sufficient financial resources are available.”

The green at Vicarage Field, Coggeshall, could be regenerated to bring together the wildlife corridors in the area.

Plans are being looked at for Strutt Memorial Recreation Ground, Hatfield Peverel, with the replacement of the football club pavilion, tree planting and landscape work.

Rayne Parish Council has proposed the creation of a new social area at the village’s Sports Ground.

Braintree Council’s cabinet will discuss the Open Spaces Action Plan on Monday, March 12.