A frustrated businessman is conducting a unique protest against the unfair parking rules he says are damaging his company.

Parking enforcement agents from the North Essex Parking Partnership have been ticketing vehicles parked outside of the premises of V G Nash and Sons, in Swinbourne Drive, on the Springwood Industrial Estate, Braintree.

In protest against the tickets, owner Phil Nash says he will park his vehicles out on Springwood Drive itself, where there is no parking restrictions - but much more through traffic to disrupt.

Mr Nash, whose business has been based on the estate for 15 years, said: “The vehicles we work on are large and we do not have a large yard so occasionally our customers have to wait outside the property.

“Within the last year or so it has been patrolled by the parking partnership and they have been ticketing our vehicles, which is doing my business the world of good.

“It is not about safety, it is about making cash from honest people trying to earn a living.

“It is damaging my business and it is upsetting my customers so until the rules are change I will continue parking in the main road.”

Mr Nash apologised to people inconvenienced by his heavy goods vehicles, however claimed he had warned the parking partnership twice of his plans for the protest.

“We have been in business for 50 years this year, and we're a real family run business" he said.

“We are extremely concerned, it is upsetting my customers which is a serious problem.

“My customers are hard won and I cannot afford to lose them through something that is no fault of my own.

“If I cannot stop outside my own premises where do I stop, and what do I pay my rates for?”

The business and its customers have received ten parking tickets in the past 12 months, costing at least £60 each time.

A spokesman for the North Essex Parking Partnership said: “The North Essex Parking Partnership enforces all parking and waiting restrictions across north Essex to help improve safety, traffic flow and reduce congestion.

“The yellow lines in place in Swinbourne Drive, Braintree, are to ensure safe vehicle movement, upon which they must not be parked.

“Individuals or businesses affected by this enforcement can make an application to reduce the restriction. Further information about how to apply can be found on the NEPP website.”