Witham’s MP has called for further investment in the A12, A120 and Great Eastern Mainline during a debate in Westminster.

Priti Patel, who was recently appointed the new chairman of the Great Eastern Rail Taskforce, highlighted the benefits to the UK economy which could come from further investment in our region.

Ms Patel said: “This part of the country needs significant new investment in our strategic transport network.

“Commuters pay a huge amount in fares and need to see improvements to reduce delays and improve the passenger experience.

“The schemes to widen the A12 and upgrade the A120 need to be progressed as delays and congestion are holding our County back and preventing job creation.”

Ms Patel said investing in our part of the country was a “no-brainer”.

“By investing in the GEML, A12 and A120 we can unlock significant levels of new job creation and economic growth that will benefit families, businesses and the Government,” she added.

“I will continue to campaign and press for these improvements and stand up for the transport needs of Essex.”