A passionate campaigner for the health service and pensioners rights has died aged 88.

As chairman of Braintree Pensioners’ Action Group, Phyllis Webb headed a campaign to try and save William Julien Courtauld Hospital. Years earlier she was part of the drive to save Black Notley Hospital.

The great-great-grandmother also lobbied to health bosses and was instrumental in securing Braintree Community Hospital.

Son Matthew Webb said: “She always had a cause she was trying to help. She was a mother of the people kind of person, she loved people and did not like them being put upon.

“If she saw something was wrong she thought you should try and change it.”

Mrs Webb grew up in West London and worked for a theatre booking company. She moved to Braintree in 1965 with husband William, who died in 1999.

She spent many years at her home in Tabor Avenue, before moving Kilkee Lodge Care Home when her health deteriorated.

Mr Webb said: “Despite being in a care home she kept writing letters about what was going on. She still kept campaigning.

“I believe she would be concerned about everything going on in the NHS at the moment. She would have joined the march in London if she could have.”

Mrs Webb has three sons, Matthew, Richard and David, five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

“I am sure some of her attitude rubbed off on us. She was a real inspiration – she taught us to stand up for what we believe in,” Mr Webb added.

The funeral is at Bocking End Congregational Church, on Tuesday, March 6, from 2pm - all are welcome.