A disabled woman who couldn't walk for two years after a freak accident is encouraging others to sign up to lead life-changing chair-based exercise classes.

Jane McClure, 49, ruptured her Achilles tendon whilst moving into a new home in Braintree in 2014.

Ms McClure received a transplanted tendon, which helped improve her mobility, but the accident left her permanently disabled.

She moved into a Greenfields Community Housing home in Halstead in 2015, which is where she discovered the housing association's chair-based exercise classes.

After impressing at the classes, Ms McClure signed up to become a leader and buddy for other members in the district and now runs seven successful classes across Essex.

She said: "Thanks to chair-based exercise, for the first time, a grandad managed to help himself out of his seat and over to the dinner table on Christmas Day.

"One lady used to fall several times a day. Now when she goes to fall, she is able to steady herself and stop it.

"For me, personally, if I didn’t do it, I’d be back to using a walking stick.

"I love going home at the end of the day and thinking - today, I made somebody’s life a little bit better.”

Greenfields want more volunteers to sign up to lead chair-based exercise classes across the district.

The classes help to prevent falls, maintain residents' independence and reduce loneliness and isolation.

James Taylor, Greenfields' health and wellbeing co-ordinator, said: "Volunteers have found the experience to be extremely rewarding and confidence-building.

"They are given the opportunity to learn new skills, gain qualifications, help others to develop their confidence and mobility, and to make a real difference to the lives of people living in the district."

Anyone interested should contact james.taylor@greenfieldsch.org.uk or 01376 535400 ext. 5656