A dedicated fundraiser spent two years growing his beard just to shave it off in aid of the charity which provides a lifeline for his little sister.

Philip Bass wanted to raise money for Braintree Mencap because his sister Nicole has a rare genetic condition - Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome.

In November 2015 he decided to stop shaving and help the charity, which he and his family rely on for advice and support.

He said: “In the week it is somewhere she can go and be with her friends after school.

“Without Mencap life for Nicole and us would have been harder and so very different.

“As a charity they are always in need of money to organise events for the disabled children and adults who use their facilities.

“I thought I could help in a small way by growing a beard then shave the whole thing off.”

He was also paid by members of the public who wanted to fondle his beard which helped him raise more than £300.

After reaching his target length, the final shave took place at The Boars Head, High Street, Braintree, on Saturday. Donate at http://bit.ly/2mgmUVN