Storm Eleanor left a trail of destruction behind it with strong winds battering the district.

Wet and windy weather hit the UK overnight on Tuesday and the strong winds remained throughout Wednesday.

In Guithavon Street, Witham, a tree was blown over onto the street, hitting a set of power cables on the way to the floor.

The tree landed almost directly on Denise Dyer’s car. 

She said: “It was just before midnight and it became very gusty outside my property.

“There is an old tree outside one of the properties opposite mine and it just came crashing down.

"I have been really lucky as it was only the end of its branches which hit my car, but at the moment because it is covered in debris I cannot tell how much damage has been done.”

Quick thinking Ms Dyer immediately called the emergency services to the scene and Essex Police closed the road to prevent drivers unexpectedly hitting the tree.

The tree had hit a power line on the way down, and so some residents experienced power cuts in the early hours of the morning.

Ms Dyer said: “At least no one was hurt. If it had been at any other time, particularly at rush hour, it would not have been a nice picture.

“My main concern was that it is a very very busy road and sometimes drivers use it as a racetrack no matter what the weather.”

At 12.04am on Wednesday, fire crews were also called to Dunmow Road, Braintree, where a car has crashed into a tree which had fallen in the road due to the heavy winds.

Two crews from Braintree worked with paramedics to release on person from their vehicle.

The person was left in the care of the ambulance service at 12.35am.