A concerned pub landlord says a council needs to take action over “death trap” pavements around Braintree town centre.

Dave Whiteman, landlord of The Nag’s Head pub in Market Square, has called for Essex Highways to sort the problem before someone is seriously injured.

Mr Whiteman said: “The pavements across the town are a death trap.

“The council cannot be proud of the state of them.

“I see people falling over every single day outside of the pub. It is disgraceful and I have had enough of it.”

The publican and former builder pointed to repair jobs which have been completed on some walkways in Braintree High Street and Market Square over the past few months as examples of cost cutting measures.

Mr Whiteman said: “The workmanship I have seen around the town is appalling.

“Sometimes I am embarrassed watching these people work - they do not know what they are doing.

“Recently they glued a paving slab back together and put it back, despite the fact they cost about £8 each.

“I believe that the people that are in charge of health and safety should be answering to this.

“It is disgusting. You only have to wander up the high street to see how bad it actually is.”

Council bosses have repeatedly vowed to sort out Braintree’s broken pavements after many pedestrian falls in the centre.

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “Pavements and roads are regularly inspected and significant faults are logged for repair.

“Our Highways inspector walked the whole town centre area on Monday and Tuesday last week to check any defects and make sure they are logged for repair.

“Our works crew were there on Friday and on Monday to do quick temporary “make safe” repairs on any problems to ensure the area is safe for the busy pre-Christmas period.

“Then in the new year we will go back and do the permanent repair works, which take longer and are more disruptive.”