CAMPAIGNERS have made a last push for the public to have their say on plans for a controversial new incinerator.

The Environment Agency is undertaking a public consultation before making a final decision on whether to grant a permit for the incinerator in Rivenhall.

A draft decision published by the agency said it is minded to approve the application after Gent Fairhead submitted a fresh application and screening and scoping request to Essex County Council regarding a proposed 20-metre increase in the height of the chimney stack.

The No to Essex Incinerator campaign group has used data to compile a digital map showing how the plant could affect schools across Braintree and Witham.

They claim the incinerator will cause more pollution and as a result cases of illness such as asthma in children will increase.

Campaigner Nick Unsworth said: “The incinerator will produce the equivalent of 90,000 extra cars in Braintree, doing 20,000 miles a year.

“People think because they’re living 20 or 30 minutes down the road, they won’t be affected.”

Alex Stevenson added: “Braintree is already a pollution hotspot and we’re worried about the health effects of all the pollution once the plant starts operating. Worst of all we are talking about school children, who play outside during school hours, breathing in this pollution for decades.”

Gent Fairhead was contacted for comment. To comment on the consultation, visit by July 17.