ONE of Braintree’s most successful employers is expanding thanks to success both in the UK and abroad.

FSE Group, based on the Springwood Drive Industrial Estate, is made up of FSE Foundry and AATi Ltd.

The company is currently expanding its premises, a move that will see it increase in size by around 25 percent.

On Wednesday, May 31, before his re-election, Braintree MP James Cleverly visited the site for a tour of the ongoing foundry renovation.

David Bissett, managing director of the FSE Group, said: “We need more space for the factory and so we are increasing the size from around 40,000 metres to 50,000 metres.

“We are doing it to improve productivity and rebuild the equipment.”

The company has recently taken on some huge manufacturing projects, in what is an exciting time for the business.

After three years of hard-work in the Middle East, FSE will be manufacturing some products for the Doha Metro, and the business is also working on Crossrail.

Part of the expansion of the foundry is a recruitment drive for apprentices, driven by a close relationship with the area’s schools and The College at Braintree.

Mr Bissett said: “We have had five apprentices so far, two of which have now moved on to different level full time jobs.

“We have got three being trained and we are looking to recruit more for anything from casting workers to computer edited manufacturing.

“We have been inviting schools to come in for pre GCSE for a walk around and a look at the foundry.

“Then students can come for a work project and learn about the foundry and we offer apprenticeships to some of them.”