RESIDENTS are being warned against falling for a new scam involving solar panels.

Steve Bullimore, a resident of Rayne, said: “I received a few phone called in the last few days from various companies saying there was now legislation saying you have to have a kill switch installed on your panels. I looked into it and I am sure that is not true.

“I think it is a scam whereby they use the excuse of the new legislation to come around and tell you that you need work done to improve your set up, which costs you money.”

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has also stepped in to reassure people with solar panels they will always attend in an emergency situation, despite what they may have been told by fraudsters.

A number of cases have been reported where a caller has told a home owner fire crews would not attend a fire caused by solar panels for fear of electricution.

Neil Fenwick, Head of Community Safety, said: “Our crews will always turn out to a fire and we have procedures in place to deal with every type of incident including fires involving solar panels.

“While all fires involving electrical currents pose a possible risk to our firefighters, we will always tackle the fire as safely and effectively as possible.

“People should not feel pressurised into spending thousands of pounds on a new system unnecessarily. Keeping people safe across the County is at the very heart of ECFRS.”