PARENTS who found their daughter dead on the sofa are raising awareness of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Elise Fitzpatrick, 24, was a perfectly healthy young adult.

She had just moved into a flat in Rayne at the end of August last year, and a couple of weeks later, on September 3, her parents went round to check up on her.

Mum Kirsty had not heard from her daughter all day, which was unusual, and she was shocked to find Elise dead on her sofa.

After three months of investigation, the cause of death was noted as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, as Elise had nothing physically wrong with her.

Kirsty, who also lives in Rayne, said: "She had only been in her new flat for two weeks, we found her on the sofa.

"I had tried to resuscitate her but she had passed quite a while before.

"There were no suspicious circumstances and it took a while for us to find out what it was."

Wanting answers, Kirsty got involved with the Cardiac Risk in the Young foundation.

She underwent various tests at St George's Hospital in London, which revealed she had a genetic disorder which causes an abnormal heart rhythm.

The Notley High student's DNA has been kept to see if there is a common link with her mum's disorder.

Mrs Fitzpatrick, who also lives in Rayne, said: "She had been out the night before with a friend who said she had been complaining of a headache and feeling cold.

"I had never heard of anything like Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, it isn't an answer.

"When someone is ill you can explain it, but there was never anything wrong with Elise.

"She was the happiest she had ever been, she knew what she wanted in life and she had a list of what she wanted to do. It was totally unfair."

Elise had been working at The Dental Studio in Bergholt Road, Colchester, and enjoyed visiting her brother and three younger sisters- Connor, 17, Macie, 11, Tilly, eight, and Isla, five.

Mrs Fitzpatrick, who is married to Elise's dad Sean, said Elise had a great relationship with her siblings.

She said: "She didn't have a bad bone in her body- she was beautiful, had a great sense of humour and loved life.

"She was a big part of their lives."

On May 21, Elise’s friends and family are running the Para10 in her memory, to raise awareness of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and raise funds for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young.

Dad Sean, a cadet instructor, is running the 10 Mile route carrying a 35lb rucksack.

So far almost £1,500 has been raised.

To donate visit Elise's fundraising page / S A D syndrome at

For more information about SADS visit