AN artist from Great Leighs has created an adult colouring book with a bit more of an attitude.

Lynn Excell, 50, designed RebelRebel: Colouring for Misfits, based on portraits of her friends taken during the early 1980s.

She said: "I wanted to make an individual colouring book but I wanted mine to be a bit different to the mandalas and flowers that you see in a lot of colouring books, and wanted something that people would know was from me.

"The punk image has always been very striking, and as I knew a few punks when I was younger, I started there.

"Although I can't claim to have been a punk myself, I would say I was very influenced by the punk and alternative and indie scene.

"Almost all of the pictures from the book are based on people that used to go to a pub that I went to in Chelmsford called The Prince of Orange."

The artist has worked with a collection of book artists called the Global Doodle Gems for some time, but wanted to make something a bit more challenging for her own book.

Lynn said: "I think it would appeal to people that are bored of colouring the same thing over and over, and those that want to step out of their comfort zone.

"I think it would also be great for someone that has a fondness for the alternative scene back in those days, or for someone to buy as a gift for an ex-punk, skin or rocker.

"I know there is a really big alternative music scene nowadays too, so I think it would appeal to the younger age group too."

A walkthrough colouring video is available at