PARENTS of a baby with a chromosome disorder so rare is does not have a name are taking action to get her treatment.

Imelda Mower, who is 15 weeks old, was born weighing just five pounds and nine ounces.

She also has slow development and problems with her hip.

Her parents, Rachel Mower and Mike Clapp of Aylesbury Drive in Great Notley, have said she is the most resilient baby and are raising £15,000 to give her the best start.

Mum Rachel said: “There is no one else like her, she is unique.

“She has seizures and she isn’t very strong so she will need a lot of therapy which is not available on the NHS.

“To give her the best start in life we are trying to keep the pathways in her brain open as much as possible before she is three.

“It’s vital she gets the help now.”

The family contacted Just for Children who helped set up a fundraising page, which has raised more than £4,000 in a couple of weeks.

Rachel also set up a website called to show fundraising events she will be taking part in.

At 13 weeks old Imelda had attended 27 hospital appointments.

Her mum said: “They are not quite sure how this will effect her and it’s heartbreaking not knowing.

“All I can do is put all my energy into being positive.”

Their funds will pay for therapy and specialist equipment for Imelda.

Miss Mower said: “She’s such a good little girl, she’s amazing.

“She is so strong and I’m so proud of her.

“I want to thank my family for their support.”

Maplestead beer festival will be fundraising on April 29 and there will be an acoustic music concert at Great Notley Community Centre on May 13.

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