A FOOTBALL club may regrettably have to leave town if they cannot find a new home.

Braintree Town's current home is in Cressing Road, but they have been after a new ground since 2004.

They believed they were included in Braintree Council's Town Plan to be a part of the proposed development at Panfield Lane, however club chairman Lee Harding said it has collapsed.

The chairman of 13 years said they suggested moving the stadium to their five-acre training pitch next door as a short term solution.

However he said Braintree Council was not keen on the idea and they felt they may have to consider moving out of town.

He said: "We made a suggestion back in October- the land is owned by the council but leased out to us until 2030.

"It would be made up of transportable structures and would allow us more time to make better facilities.

"It seemed to tick all the boxes, it was a deliverable site under our control and could give us a solution to move forward.

"If they aren't going to let us build on land we control, do we accept the fact Braintree Council doesn't want us?"

Mr Harding said the club was proud to represent the town and have had links for centuries.

He said he understood the difficult position local authorities are facing with reduced income, but the club wants moral support.

He said they had been looking into options outside of town, but it would be a last resort.

He said: "There are options, we were offered a place in Bishops Stortford but we don't want to move out.

"If the club has no future here it's something we will have to look at.

"We want to be wanted in Braintree, we bring a bit of success and profile.

"Ultimately it's something we may have to look at but it would be a terrible shame."

Braintree Council said it would not comment further on the matter.

In a letter published in the Times last week, councillor Lady Patricia Newton said: "If there was an option for a ground that was 'entirely self funded and at no cost to the taxpayer' we would support it.

"But none of the options we have explored with the club have been realistic or viable."