A SCHOOL in Witham has completed a renovation project which cost just under £1million.

Howbridge Junior School in Howbridge Road applied for funding to fix the school's roof.

They also renovated the Year 3 corridor and library.

On the completion of the project they invited Witham MP Priti Patel to look around the school.

Head Teacher, Sean Wade, said: “It was wonderful for the children to have the opportunity to meet their local MP and to show the high standard of their work.

"Priti shares the school’s belief that with high expectations and hard work, our children can achieve almost anything.

"She is a strong supporter of the school in its quest to provide an education of the highest possible quality.

"The roof was patched up and leaking so we had a flat roof put on, and water was coming up through the floor so we had the whole Year 3 corridor and library renovated- it's lovely and it looks fantastic."

Ms Patel was given a tour of the new facilities that have been built over the summer holidays after receiving central Government funds following a successful bid.

She said: “I am grateful to staff and pupils for putting on such an enjoyable visit.

"It is fantastic to see the recently finished building work at the school and the new facilities which will serve generations of pupils.

"The financial benefits of being an academy mean that schools have easy access to Government capital funding to improve amenities and provide a better environment for learning.

"Now that the major work on the new roof has been completed, I look forward to hearing more good news on the project to install a new sound and lighting system in the hall out of the generous donations raised last year.”