UNHAPPY cyclists have branded County Hall’s resurfacing works as “unsatisfactory”.

Several country lanes were earmarked by Essex Highways for resurfacing work and many have already been completed.

However members of the Braintree Velo Cycling Club claim this is making it nearly impossible for them to ride the routes they know and love.

Chris Broadway, general secretary of the Braintree Velo Cycling Club, said: “They have started work to resurface all the country lanes with gravel. As the roads are barely used it does not get bedded in properly.

“You just cannot ride on it, it is too dangerous.

“I believe that it is a cheap and quick fix, a lot of the roads in my opinion do not even need it.”

Several roads across the Braintree District have been targeted and it not only causes trouble for cyclists, but cars and pedestrians as well.

Pete Nowckiwskyj, also of the Braintree Velo Club, said: “It is not only an issue concerning cyclists. It effects people in cars and local residents as well. It is a health and safety issue.

“A lot of the roads do not need doing, it is crazy why they are spending the money.

“We like to cycle off the main roads, we prefer the nice and quiet back roads.

“The council is doing this to them and they are making it 10 times worse for us.”

On the back of a fantastic Olympics for Team GB in Rio cycling is more popular than ever, but the club believe the council’s actions will discourage riders throughout the area.

Mr Broadway said: “The summer is when we as cyclists want to go out most. This provides less opportunities to go out for the bikes.

“It is already difficult to get youngsters out of their bikes because of the health and safety reasons, but when we have things like this as well it is harder.”

“You get the knock on effect of people having to repair bike tyres. Our wheels costs about £50 each and we have had several punctures.

“I would be interested to have a meeting with the council. There needs to be some sort of consultation with cyclists.”

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “Road resurfacing work takes place as a proactive measure to prevent serious defects developing on the county’s roads.

“Surface dressing is used to create a long lasting and skid resistant  road surface. Any loose chippings are swept 24 hours and again seven days after the road surfacing is completed.

“We would ask residents to be patient with us as the surface beds in over the coming days.”