PRESSURE has mounted over the proposed development of 1,600 homes on the edge of Braintree.

The No Brook Green action team has covered the Flitch Way Country Park which links Braintree and Rayne with posters to raise awareness.

Developer Wayne Gold, of the Acorn Property Group, applied for outline permission to build Brook Green on either side of the Flitch Way.

Objections by residents include feared congestion, the strain on village facilities and the detrimental effect on wildlife.

Nichola Leivers, a resident working on the No Brook Green Housing Development Campaign, said protesters are more determined than ever.

She said: “The team have been surprised about how many local families, dog walkers and runners are not even aware of the development plans that will directly effect an area they use on a regular basis to exercise, socialize and have fun.

“That being said, the success of the campaign is becoming evident with many people attending our local meetings. We have also seen a large number of people donate on our just giving page to help raise funds for the campaign, which is fantastic to see”.

The committee has also created a new website,, which includes information on the development, how to oppose and the main reasons for objecting the plans.

The donation page can be found at

Developer Mr Gold said people accepted there was a need for housing, and said he has always been approachable to the residents