WITHAM MP Priti Patel has called for the changes to children’s centres to include services in her town.

Ms Patel called on Essex County Council to ensure the children’s centres currently under consultation deliver services for her constituents.

Witham residents would be served by new family hubs in Braintree, Maldon and Colchester, but no centre has been proposed for Witham itself.

She said: "Essex County Council should use this consultation as an opportunity to bring together more services that families use and ensure a joined up approach is taken with health and children’s service providers.

“That will improve outcomes for families and widen access to the different levels of support they need. The principle behind their proposals to deliver more comprehensive support for families is welcome but there are outstanding issues which need addressing.

She said the fact the town had a lot of rural areas could pose a problem for residents trying to access the services.

She said: “My constituency has some very rural areas and it is important services can be brought into villages where families live as it is not always practical for them to travel to access them.

“Witham has high levels of need and with its population set to grow, the must be future proofed and ensure a centre is accessible in the town."