A paramedic from Braintree has been reunited with the miracle baby he helped to deliver seven years ago.

Steve Salter and seven-year-old Ellen Finch had a surprise reunion after a case of mistaken identity, when her mum thought she recognised the emergency worker during a visit to Broomfield Hospital.

She approached the lookalike paramedic and he put the pair in touch.

Rebecca Finch, 34, of Blackmore, near Chelmsford, said: “He saved Ellen’s life. It was a breech birth and once Ellen’s shoulders had passed the labour stopped. Her neck was being broken.”

Mr Salter and colleague Tony Chittick were called to a property at the Norton Heath Equestrian Centre near Blackmore on February 16, 2008, at about 3am.

They delivered tiny Ellen, who was born 12 weeks premature weighing just 2lb 1oz .

Her weight dropped to just under 2lb in intensive care but had climbed to 3lb 14oz when she was allowed home at 11 weeks old.

“In his training Steve had been taught a way to restart the contractions but he never thought he’d have to use it. He just knew what he had to do,” she said.

The personal assistant, who also has a son Jack, 11, said the paramedic’s actions will never be forgotten by her and partner, James Finn.

Mr Salter said: “When I saw Ellen it was quite strange but quite special. She is really intelligent and she’s bright as a button. It was lovely to meet her after all these years.”

The paramedic said he has delivered several babies but he vividly remembers Ellen’s birth.

“It definitely stands out. There was no midwife as it was three in the morning and I remember delivering the baby then keeping her warm,” he said.

“Although she was premature her breathing was good. It sounds odd but I recognised her eyes. It was nice to see that seven years on she was doing so well.

“Often you leave patients and never see them again.”