Constituents can have their say on potential new rules governing which MPs can vote on issues affecting England.

Currently, MPs from Scotland can vote on laws that only affect England, however MPs from England are unable to vote on equivalent matters in the Scottish Parliament.

Witham’s MP Priti Patel has launched a local survey to give constituents a say on the Government’s plans to change the rules.

Ms Patel said: “English voters want the laws made which affect them decided by the MPs who represent them.

“This local referendum gives my constituents a chance to have their say and support the English votes for English laws campaign.

”When Scotland is getting more powers to govern itself, it is unfair that Scottish MPs can continue to vote on laws, taxes and public services that affect England only.

“We need to see a fairer settlement for England and it is only the Conservative Party that is committed to introducing English votes for English MP’s.”

The results will form part of the official consultation into the plans and views from voters in other constituencies will be passed to the relevant MP.

Leaflets have been delivered to constituents and votes can also be cast online at