The hugely popular Pantoloons Theatre Company is returning to Braintree Arts Theatre with a new, fun-filled show.

Following on from its successful performance of Aladdin, it will be performing Puss in Boots at Braintree Arts Theatre on selected days until Jan 24.

In the little town of Gehirnbaum, in Bavaria - a name which literally translates as Brain Tree - Arthur Miller has been given a wooden case by his father, whilst his brothers have been given a farm and a mill.

But inside the wooden case is a very unusual present, which will lead him on a very exciting adventure.

Elsewhere in the town, the Ogre of Tombstone Roger Jawbone is taxing everyone for everything, and so it is decided to organise a dance festival to cheer everyone up by taking their minds off of the heavy tax burden.

Will it work? Will Arthur Miller fall in love? Will everything end happily ever after?

There is only one way to find out, and the adventure will feature laughter, amazement, excitement and surprise.

There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved, and the company is well known for its fun shows.

Pantoloons was founded in 1983 for the sole purpose of performing an annual pantomime by and for the people of the Braintree area.

The aim was to put on a top class production while keeping ticket prices at an affordable level.

Over the years hundreds of different cast and crew members have maintained those aims and improved the shows year on year.

The show is running from January 7 to January 24.

Tickets are from £7.50 for adults, £6.50 for children and those under 12 months are from £1.

Tickets are available from or 01376 556 354.