Witham's MP has called for a clamp down on immigration appeals by citing numerous cases from within her own constituency.

Speaking in a Parliamentary debate on Tuesday Priti Patel supported the Immigration Bill saying it will make it harder for illegal immigrants to come and live in this country and require temporary migrants to pay towards NHS care.

She added: “Of course, we also have to cut the appeal routes.

“We have to make removals of illegal immigrants and foreign criminals easier and clamp down on the abuses of article 8 of the European convention on human rights and judicial activism that we have seen across the country. “I would like to come on to some constituency cases that I have experienced.”

One of the cases she raised was of a Filipino woman who was given a 48 month visa to work in a care home in 2006, and was then joined by her husband and children.

She has remained and lodged numerous appeals, with the prospect of submitting more if the current one fails.

Ms Patel said: “Such actions are all about delay and prolonging the process for people who have no right whatever to remain in the country.

“That undermines public confidence in the immigration system. A stop must be put to repeated applications and appeals.”

She also called for deportations to be speeded up, particularly in the cases of criminals.

She agreed that migration can have huge benefits and where people can make a positive contribution they should be welcomed and supported.