A worried pensioner who barricaded his home with concrete bollards in a last-ditch attempt to protect his home claims warning signs he also put up have been stolen.

Owen Allan, 74, of Beaufort Gardens, Braintree, says motorists treat the housing estate like a race track, driving well over the 20mph speed limit, and railings in front of his home have been damaged a number of times by cars leaving the road.

Mr Allan resorted to installing seven concrete bollards, as well as reflectors and signs, after growing frustrated at Essex County Council’s reluctance to introduce further traffic calming measures.

The council said there were already some measures in place and there had not been enough crashes involving personal injuries to warrant further action.

Mr Allan’s controversial efforts to protect his home had already sparked one complaint to Braintree Council, but an enforcement officer visited his home and ruled the bollards were not in breach of planning rules.

The retired medical technician now claims all five signs, including a mock 20mph sign and a reflective arrow, have been stolen.

An Essex Police spokesman confirmed officers were investigating and urged any witnesses to contact Braintree Police Station on 101.