A mum who was told she must earn at least £18,600 before her Moroccan husband can move to England is refusing to give up the fight.

Jade el Jaghaoui fell in love with Merouane in 2007 when they were living in Spain.

She returned to Braintree in October 2010, hoping he could soon join her, and became even more desperate after discovering she was pregnant.

But immigration rules mean British citizens must earn £18,600 to bring a non-European spouse to join them.

Mr el Jaghaoui even missed the birth of son Sami in September 2011 after a hold-up with a six-month visa application.

He eventually arrived that November and the couple married last March, before he had to return.

His application for a spouse visa was refused and rejected again on appeal. Mrs el Jaghaoui, who lives with father Brian, has applied for dozens of jobs and is now working part-time, but is still not earning enough.

The UK Border Agency is also refusing to budge.