POTHOLES have driven an MP to raise the issue with the county council.

Braintree MP Brooks Newmark has received numerous complaints from drivers frustrated about potholes that have remained unfilled for long periods of time.

He said: “I’ve been hearing more and more complaints about potholes over the last month from constituents so I raised the issue at a meeting with Essex County Council last week.

“They said they are trying to get on top of the problem but old roads are a particular challenge.”

Braintree Times readers have also shared their frustration, with Holly Young saying a hole outside her house in Coggeshall Road, just past the Dulux shop, has ruined her car.

She said: “It's been getting bigger and bigger since Christmas and I've reported it to Braintree Council and to highway maintenance and still nothing.

“Every time a car bus or lorry goes through it there's a bang.”

Readers have also spoken of unfilled holes in Allectus Way, Rickstones Road and Spinks Lane in Witham, and Silver Street in Silver End.

Lynda Rockall damaged an alloy wheel on the Kelvedon to Tiptree road last November and is waiting to hear if the council will pay for the replacement wheel.

She said: “I was lucky I was only travelling slowly when my wheel cracked. It could have caused a serious accident."

Witham MP Priti Patel said: “Potholes are problematic for drivers but residents and businesses have other concerns with our road network too which I am liaising with the county council and Highways Agency to address.

“The Government has also given local councils across the country additional funding to address problems caused by potholes and I would encourage local people to always report their concerns about the state of our roads.”