This week’s episode of The Great British Bake Off saw the remaining 11 contestants take on the famously tricky Bread Week.

Under the intense gaze of judge Paul Hollywood, they were tasked with a technical challenge of crafting eight identical burger baps.

Henry, the youngest of all the bakers, placed first while Steph and David were runners-up.

Amelia placed bottom, filling her burgers with too much chilli and sending Prue Leith into a coughing fit.

But Channel 4 viewers were stunned to learn the bakers were expected to make vegetarian burgers to accompany their baps – and would be judged on those as well.

Fans were quick to criticise the show for demanding so much of their favourite contestants.

One viewer questioned whether they were watching Bake Off or MasterChef.

They said: “I mean, to be fair, this is Bake Off and not MasterChef so does it really matter if the burger is a bit naff?”

Others admitted to being confused as to why the contestants had been asked to use kitchen skills other than baking.

“Why have they made burgers?” they asked.

“This is BAKE off.. I’m a bit confused.”

One made a similar comparison: “It’s the great british bake off not the great british bbq off.”

Other viewers reacted with shock, saying: “BURGERS on the bake off?!?! No no no @Channel4 you’ve got this wrong!!”

One said they were “raging” while another said the burgers’ inclusion felt “so wrong”.

One perceptive viewer also took issue with Hollywood’s method of eating the burger.

The TV chef, 53, used a fork to pick at the burger from the side, enraging some viewers.

They said: “Can’t believe Paul got them to make burgers on the bake off and now he’s trying them with a fork??”

The Great British Bake Off continues on Channel 4.