If he continues to ride the crest of the wave he has been over the last few years, Alex Lynn knows he could place himself in a position to be England’s next Formula One World Champion.

That’s a big statement by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s what this teenager from Dunmow has his sights set on.

The name of Alex Lynn may not have made it beyond the hardcore devotees of motorsport just yet, but then neither had that of Lewis Hamilton when he made the step up the racing ladder into his first year of Formula Three.

Like Hamilton and countless driving luminaries before him, Lynn is making that step this year and also like his heroes, he hopes to go all the way to the very top of the F1 tree.

It’s true that few are called and fewer succeed, but Lynn has a rising profile in motorsport that suggests his ambitions aren’t just pipe dreams.

En route to his glittering F1 career, Hamilton graduated into F3 after claiming the Formula Renault UK Championship in 2003, winning ten races in that breakthrough season.

And that is the very same championship trophy that Lynn has residing on his mantlepiece at his Dunmow home, having won a record 12 races during the 2011 season with the Fortec Motorsport team.

Added to his place among a handful of worldwide drivers to be selected for the Academy of Excellence of the FIA – world motorsport’s governing body – and it becomes clearer why the name Alex Lynn may soon be more widely known.

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