BRAINTREE Shotokan Karate Club head coach Dean Simpson was proud of his students as they came home from the UWK English Championships in Sheffield with an impressive haul of medals.

Students as young as eight-years-old were competing for Braintree and with a small squad of 12, the club claimed nine medals, including a gold in the under-nines for Caleb Gilbert.

Simpson said: “I’m really proud of how hard everyone has worked and how well they represented the club.

"This was a great opportunity to prepare for the WUKF World Championships in Dundee in June where we’ll also be competing.”

RESULTS: Debbie Stone Women's Veterans over-36 - Bronze; Kate Winter Women's 18-35 years under 55kgs - Silver; Caleb Gilbert Boys Under-nines - Gold; Finley Jordan Boys 10-12 under 45kgs - Silver; Joshua Carder Boys 10-12 under 45kgs - Bronze; Libbi Payne Girls 10-12 under 45kgs - Bronze; Ethan Meader Male 15-17 over 65kgs - Bronze, Male 15-17 Ippon open weight - Silver, Male 15-17 Sanbon open weight - Silver; Cameron Reilly Boys Under-nines; Cobie MacDonald Boys 10-12 under 45kgs; Adam Gibson; Kelsey Payne Girls Under-nines under 45kgs; Laynie Carder Girls Under-nines under 45kgs.